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Tenant Services

Policies and Tenant Handbook

East Boro provides a tenants’ handbook and company policies, both of which can be downloaded below.

Tenant Handbook

East Boro provides all its tenants with a handbook when they become a tenant. The handbook details the services and responsibilities that East Boro has and will provide to its tenants. Furthermore, the handbook details the tenant's obligation towards East Boro as its landlord.

*The handbook is currently being updated - a link to download a copy will be uploaded soon.*

Tenant / Resident Involvement Policy

East Boro has a full tenant/resident involvement policy which outlines its commitment to its tenants and customers.

Tenant / Resident Involvement Policy

​Repair Categories:

Response repairs needs are managed under three categories. The details of these categories and which repairs come under which category can be found in the document below.

Response Repair Categories