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Facts and Figures 2014/15



During 2014/15 East Boro delivered more than 97,000 hours of support to adults with learning disabilities across Dorset. Our support staff help people with a wide range of activities including cooking, housework, money management, gardening, golf, bowls, sailing, horse riding, swimming, keep fit, yoga, play musical instruments, attending shows and concerts, arts and crafts and much, much more.


Resident Involvement

Our resident involvement team work hard to ensure that tenants’ needs, requirements and aspirations are understood and met.

8 Tenants Consultative Meetings held each year, 4 Training Sessions on housing subjects, 3 Conferences, 2 Summer Parties, 2 Christmas Parties, 1 Christmas Lunch and 1 'East Boro in Bloom' Tea Party. Over 100 Coffee Mornings, 1 Boat Trip, 10 Coach Day Trips, 6 Fire Safety Talks and produced 4 Tenants Newsletters, ER News with an updated design.

The Annual Conferences were held for sheltered housing and learning disabilities tenants. The trips included Harry Potter World, Falconry Show, Monkey World, going to see 'Frozen' and joining in with 'Party in the Park' at Lodmoor and the 'Sports and Wellbeing Festival' on the beach... to name but a few!


Our Staff

East Boro employs more than 230 staff with 155 working in care and support.

During 2014/15 the organisation welcomed 90 new members to its team while sickness absence was just 5.64%.

East Boro is committed to staff training and development with certificated courses and training events attended by 2030 members of staff.

Staff regularly held fund raising dress down days, social activities and other events with proceeds going to its own charity, the Faulkner Fund.



During 2014/15 East Boro collected £1.5m in rent and received £595,000 in charges for services provided at schemes. The organisation’s total income was in excess of £5.2m. East Boro owns housing assets valued at almost £19m and last year had a wage bill of almost £2m.

East Boro spent more than £450,000 on repairs, maintenance and refurbishments to its properties.


Handy Van Service

Between April 2014 and March 2015, East Boro’s Handy Van Service carried out 1,698 repairs and maintenance jobs with every single request responded to within two working days. 100% of Handy Van customers surveyed were satisfied with all aspects of the service including staff appearance, friendliness, helpfulness, courtesy, cleanliness, speed and standard of work carried out.


Sheltered Housing

East Boro owns and operates seven sheltered housing schemes and provides warden-assisted support at three others. Our supported housing officers undertook more than 75,000 visits to customers last year across Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset.

In our 2015 Customer Survey 94% of tenants felt that their rent provided value for money, while 95% were satisfied with the support received from East Boro. And 95% were satisfied with the overall quality of their home. All received comments have been seperately noted and action taken to address feedback where necessary. Respondants were given the option of confidentiality, however 98% were happy to identify themselves.


Other Services

East Boro is so much more than a housing association at East Boro. Our services include everything from Domiciliary Care and Support, to our groundbreaking Arts and Crafts Club. East Boro also operates the renowned Home from Home service which offers dementia and memory loss sufferers a unique opportunity to enjoy days out and activities in the safe surroundings of a hosts’ home. 

Our physical disability support hours delivered were over 9,900 between April 2014 and March 2015.



Last year our dedicated maintenance team completed 99% of Category One, 96% of Category Two and 96% Category Three call outs within the allotted timescales.

Of those customers surveyed, 100% were satisfied with every aspect of maintenance from timekeeping and courtesy through to cleanliness and quality of work undertaken. 

In total, East Boro’s maintenance department carried out 1,698 jobs in 1174 visits.


Learning Disabilities

East Boro operates over 29 schemes for adults with learning disabilities throughout Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset with staff helping to deliver tailored support and goal plans to the majority of tenants.

In our 2015 Customer Survey 92% of customers said that they were satisfied with the support they received from East Boro, 88% revealed they were happy with the quality of their home while 71% were satisfied with the way East Boro dealt with reapirs and maintenance.

Our fully-trained and experienced staff delivered almost 53,000 hours of specialist care and support to customers with learning disabilities.



Throughout 2014/15 the Trust has continued to develop property and provide more supported accommodation at a continued steady rate. New schemes were developed at Carlton Road South, Weymouth and Cologne Road, Bovington.  The Trust has been actively exploring and planning rural exception site opportunities, other supported living cluster flats for adults with a learning disability and looking at opportunities to add further developments/units on its existing schemes.

We continue to work with Local Authority Partners exploring further development opportunities and are looking to develop schemes that offer both social rent and low cost home ownership products that will remain at a reduced market sale price in perpetuity.


To Satisfy Our Customers Everyday

East Boro welcomed 69 new tenants between April 2014 to March 2015.

100% of our young person tenants were happy with the homes and services provided.

Our 24-hour Reassurance Telephone Line offers around the clock advice and support to tenants.

Grants from East Boro’s Faulkner Fund helped a number of tenants in severe financial difficulty.

99% of all our customers said our staff are helpful and supportive.


NB: Information correct as of the publication of East Boro's 2015 Annual Report in April 2015