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UPDATED Planning proposal for Corfe Mullen

An exhibition to view the proposed planning application for affordable housing options in Corfe Mullen was well attended by local residents. The exhibition, held at St Nicholas Church in Corfe Mullen on Tuesday 24th November, saw a steady stream of visitors between the opening hours of 3pm and 7pm.

Although many had come to voice their concerns and reservations, we were very pleased by the large number of young local couples and families who came to show their support for the proposal and ask how they could apply for one of the houses should the planning application be successful.

The proposal is to develop this site as a “rural exception site” and provide housing opportunities for people who live in Corfe Mullen. This proposal has been amended following comments from local residents at the previous exhibition.

The plans will be submitted to East Dorset District Council as a planning application in January 2016 (estimated date). After their submission, comments can be made at

The Planning Process!!!

Anyone who has experience of submitting a  planning application, especially on a greenfield, rural exception site will know that in addition to the planning application itself there are many supporting documents required.

Our proposed scheme in Corfe Mullen has proved to be one such scheme where many additional surveys, statements and reports will be required.  Subsequently, this means that, unfortunately, we will not be able to submit an application during January however, the application will be made as soon as all the additional documentation has been collated.

The application will be submitted within the next few months. Watch this space for updates.

Date Posted: Monday 25th January 2016 @ 08:43